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Car Recovery ChertseyIf your Audi is damaged in an accident, your insurer will probably want to choose the repairer. Make sure that they are of the standard set by Medcalf & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd. Many of today's models include aluminium or high tensile steel structural parts, which means your vehicle needs the expertise of specialists trained in handling, repairing and replacing those innovative materials.


Because some of the advanced high strength steel, for example, obtain their properties during rapid cooling in the production process, they can't be heated and straightened in the local garage. Medcalf & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd has both the equipment and staff to ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in factory-quality conditions. It is dangerous to assume that any accident repair centre can repair your vehicle. Sometimes even your insurer may not fully understand the implications of using a lesser-qualified repairer!


For the security and safety of you and your loved ones, you should insist that your insurer directs your vehicle to Medcalf & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd. We have the required expertise, and are approved by Audi for the repair of all models.