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Aston Martin's 'Halo' Car and the last car build by Bertone!

Tuesday 16th Jul 2013

Medcalf and Co were delighted to assist with a new glass roof and windscreen on the prestige Aston Martin JET 2+2 for Barry Weir – entrepreneur and car enthusiast. 


Taking the best cars to the best!

Barry Weir
After leaving school 16 without any qualifications, Barry took up an apprenticeship with the Gas Board - before starting a small hotel which he sold in 1979. Subsequently, he restored a Grade I castle in Scotland and now runs a successful property business in the South of England!

Jet 2+2

Car Enthusiast
Barry’s passion for sports cars began when his family gave him a Mercedes SL for his 40th birthday, and really took hold with his 45th birthday present, an Aston Martin DB7; He has since become the first person to race a DB7 in a track event anywhere in the world.



Jet 2+2
As an Aston enthusiast, it was Barry Weir who commissioned it. He rather liked Bertone's original Jet 2 - the 2004 Vanquish-based shooting brake - and asked the Italians for similar treatment on a 2+2 chassis. A 2+2 chassis like the Rapide. Now, Bertone doesn't just build anything for anyone (Astra Coupe aside), but it got very interested in continuing its long history with Aston.



The whole car took three and a half months to complete, from renderings to a full-scale plaster mock-up dubbed "Frankenstein" to final hand-beaten production model with that estate-like rear, built of carbon fibre, aluminium and sheet metal.



Bertone has managed to match the original kerbweight - give or take a few kilos - so it drives exactly like a standard Rapide.  Which is to say, fine steering, excellent damping and super-saloon pace. There were quite a few squeaks and rattles during our test drive, mind, but a few blips of the throttle soon drowned those out!

Images by Tim Andrew